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Marchon Eyewear, New York City

“Everything that is visible hides something that is invisible.” -Rene Magritte 

“Glance into the world as though time were gone: and everything crooked will become straight to you.”  -Frederich Nietzsche

“The imaginary is what tends to become real.” -Andre Breton


digital pattern created from eyeglass lenses and screws.

dress + blouse: cotton, silk crepe de chine

plexiglass vanity filled with clear eyeglass lenses

wood, mirror, led light






There is no blueprint for how we see. We are always looking through many lenses—constructing our own reality. “Refract” uses the element of camouflage and illusion as a window into seeing. 


A clear plexi vanity top showcases the lens parts and recycled eyeglass components of Marchon eyewear.  This represents a deconstruction and rediscovery of the mechanical design components found in the architecture of eyewear.  A computer generated pattern of these eyeglass items is printed on the shirt and dress hanging against the wall. The wallpaper of the same pattern design delineates the space and camouflages the hanging items of clothing.  Three iris mirrors, located above the dressing table allows the viewer to peer into the self. The mirrors have a frame of LED lights surrounding the perimeter. A grid of eyeglass temples adhered to the mirror surface and radiate creating an illusion of infinite space. The eyewear components repeat in a pattern allowing the viewer to perceive a much deeper space than the physical space of the piece.  These elements:  the vanity table,  the patterned clothing against the wallpaper and the mirrors create an intimate space—a surreal place for viewing the world.